On this two-week tour, you will go to Andalusia and Castile, and finish you trip in Catalonia. Andalusia was one of the longest-lasting Arab Kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula and Castile was one of the largest Christian kingdoms in Spain, which, it is said, got its name from the number of castles to be found in this region. As for Catalonia, this is where a very specific cultural identity was forged, and it is famous both for its fishing villages and for being the home of one of Spain’s most important cities, Barcelona. Great historical events have left their mark in the form of buildings and these are testaments to the passage of time. These include the cathedral in Seville, with its famous Giralda, the grand Toledo Cathedral, the unique mosque in Córdoba, Gaudí’s Sagrada Família in Barcelona, the majestic Alhambra in Granada, the enormous Palácio Real in Madrid, as well as the Alcázar in Segóvia. This is a tour in which history is revealed through the incredibly varied architecture Spain has to offer.


Would you like to get to know the South of Spain, its hidden treasures and impressive monuments left from centuries of Islamic rule, but cannot or do not want to have to drive? So that this need not be a problem, we have devised a one-week tour which will take you around Andalusia’s Golden Triangle by train. From Seville, with its beautiful cathedral and Giralda, to Córdoba, with its amazing mosque and finally Granada, home of the huge Alhambra, you will make all the journeys on the public train network.