Tapas, paella and pintxos. White wine, red wine and Cavas. Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona. On this twelve-day tour you will be able to satisfy your palate as you discover the rich flavours belonging to this trinity of great Spanish cities. Madrid, with its culture of tapas, Valencia, the home of paella and Barcelona, which combines the influences from the Basque Country and its famous pintxos with Mediterranean flavours and wonderful fish dishes made from local produce. During the tour, you will also get to try the marvellous Conventual Sweets from Toledo and the Creme Brulee of the Costa Brava. Have we succeeded in exciting your taste buds? Come and join us on this incredible gastronomy tour!


This two-week gastronomy tour allows you to discover the best food and wine that Spain has to offer, and you will get to smell the different aromas and try the various local flavours in the five regions through which we will pass. We will begin on the coast, in Barcelona, in Catalonia, where the tapas are inspired by the proximity to the sea and where Cava, the light, traditionally-made, sparkling wine, is produced. We then go to Madrid, where cured meats and dishes made with pork taste their very best and where the custom of a small number of people to eat churros con chocolate, has become an established Madrid tradition. We then move on to the small region of La Rioja where some of the best Spanish wines are produced. These wines go perfectly with the delicious tapas found in some of the local bars. To end our tour in the best possible way, we will go to the Basque Country and the city of San Sebastián, which has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other place in Spain and where the creation of “pintxos” (the local type of tapa) is an art.