This ten-day tour will take you to the south of the country, to discover the palaces and castles of Andalusia, a region which was deeply influenced by the centuries-long domination of the Moors. Their presence shaped the appearance and the identity of this region, including the cities and towns, in which we can see small whitewashed houses right next to huge buildings painted in warm, vibrant colours, rounded arches and lush gardens. You will be able to enjoy the sunshine on the terrace of the fabulous 14th century Arab Alcácer in Carmona, be a guest of honour at the Parador built on the site of the Emir’s former Summer Palace in Córdoba, and stay overnight in the Alhambra complex in Granada, conceived by its Islamic architects as a vision of paradise on earth. Down on the coast you will have the most amazing views from the Parador de Nerja, a hotel which is set among the beaches of fine sand and crystalline water along the Malaga coast, and in Ronda you will be awestruck by the views of the incredible gorge, which you can see from your Parador hotel, which was once the Town Hall.


It is impossible not to establish a certain correlation between paradores, history, property and inheritance. Former properties of the royal family and the Spanish nobility, important decisions were taken in their banqueting halls, battlelines were drawn up within their rooms, romances blossomed in their gardens, and many other legendary acts (or mythical ones) took shape in these buildings. We are talking about former palaces, monasteries or convents which have been renovated to offer their guests luxury and comfort and a memorable stay, while maintaining original features and rooms and valuing their historical importance. This two-week trip will take you on an adventure in Toledo, Córdoba, Granada, Ronda, Seville, Salamanca, Segóvia and Alcalá de Henares, the scenarios of your own personal storybook.